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Surprising Success of Online Dating Agencies

Studies have been recently conducted that show that the online dating agency has not only totally changed the way couples of the twenty first century are meeting, but how they are courting as well. No longer do people feel the need to go to the bars or clubs to circulate hoping to meet someone compatible. More and more they are signing up for these web based services and letting their computers be the conduit to meeting new people. Some of these people follow the first connection up by going directly to email to get to know one another. Many others donít.

A lot of people use the chat rooms that the online dating agency has to continue their conversations. This enables them to proceed a little faster by conversing online instead of having to wait to get a return email. Interestingly, only nine percent of those who use this option also use their webcams. Many people still prefer to keep their privacy until they are more comfortable with the people they are meeting. Twenty percent of those who began a relationship with someone through this means were still involved a year later. This was a surprise to researchers as it is the same number as those people who had begun relationships in the more conventional methods. Studies further show that of those who first meet through an online dating agency route, ninety four percent of those who meet in person for the first time go on to meet again.

The researchers were also surprised to find that it was the men that belonged to this web based dating sites that were more committed to making it work than their female counterparts. Men found that communicating through chartrooms made it easier for them to express their hopes and dreams and tell their potential partner more about their feelings before meeting. For many people, when they join these services, they are skeptical about the chances of them working. But in this day and age, when it seems to be harder to meet someone, the online dating agency is fast becoming the dating route of choice.

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